Hi All!

To make this intro as easy as possible for me, I am going to use the suggested list to make my introduction. I know, I know...that is cheating...

  1. "Who Are You?" A guy that is into futanari art.
  2. "Where are you from?" Indiana
  3. "What's up with that nick of yours?" No clue on that one!
  4. "What do you like about futanari?" Huge cock, sexy body and that does not mean they have to have giant tits! Big balls and a big cock are the primary asset. Let's say, for example, like Cote de Pablo from NCIS having a huge cock and balls - she's be perfect!!
  5. "What got you interested in the first place?" A few years ago I ran across some photos of some hot shemales and from that point I was hooked on women being blessed with large cock and balls.
  6. "What are your favorite kinks/pairings?" I like to see futanari with guys or women or each other. But if they are with a guy I much prefer them to be much better endowed than their male partner. And no I am not into the futanari dominating the guy; well not forcing herself on him.
  7. "Have you read over our Rules and Do Not Post (DNP) List? Do you have any questions?" Yes I did, no questions at this time!
  8. "What sections are you most excited about exploring?" Finding images, would love to learn how to create futanari, that would be awesome! Love good futanari stories, too!
  9. "What brought you to our forums/How did you hear about us?" Did a google search for futanari and came across the link for this site. Said, "Hey, I have got to check this out!"
  10. "Anything else you might like to add?" Great site from what I have seen! Looking forward to learning more about the genre and being a part of this communiy.
  11. "Hobbies that don't involve a fondness for girlcock?" Stained glass, traveling, hiking, cycling
  12. "Other online communities you happen to be a part of?" High Heel Place
  13. "Last words before we pass final judgment?" Thanks for the hard work you have done on this site and for running it. It is needed.

Hi Again...