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Thread: Glad to be back!!

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    Default Glad to be back!!

    Hello everyone!!

    My name is Mimi! I'm a black BBW and I used to have an account on here forever ago and coudln't remember the login, so I made a new one to try and connect with you all!! I'm 27, from the US, cis-fem and I absolutely love futanari and women with dicks in general ^^ I have lots of kinks and love talking about those kinda things, so if you want to chat, feel free to send me a PM!

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    Default Re: Glad to be back!!

    Welcome back! If you remember the email I think you can get it back although it may require you to remember the username too. If you really want it back you could do some digging around for the account username if the email is one you still can get on.

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