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Thread: New Rules for the Palace

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    Default New Rules for the Palace

    Unfortunately, the old rules we used to have could not be retrieved. After having been broken for some time, our rules are back up and posted under the Rules tab. There is a new Notice that pops up informing people. It will pop up once per visit and in time, it will be turned off.

    Please make yourself familiar with Futanari Palace's new rules.

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    Default Re: New Rules for the Palace

    Thank you for reposting them.

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    Default Re: New Rules for the Palace

    I love the 1st line in II. USER ACCOUNTS, I belong to another forum that is rife with "socks"!
    Shots at the otaku bar - my avatar has now become a memorial.

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    Default Re: New Rules for the Palace

    Meh, I'm the one who wrote the old rules. They had a good 10 year run. I say let 'em die. Go with what works for you guys now.

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    Hey, Rafael. Thanks for the old rules.

    Oh, and Conscience Cat says stop looking at naked people on the internet!

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