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    The following rules are established for all members who join Futanari Palace. Compliance is required to participate on the Forums. Any member who has a question regarding any of the rules may contact any Administrator for clarification.


    All members MUST be at least 18 years of age to sign up for and access the site.
    Members shall not post any illegal or personally identifying materials. Any member that does so shall be immediately banned. Futanari Palace will cooperate with law enforcement officials as required.
    Members will not attempt to interfere with the normal working and function of the site. Members who attempt to disrupt, attack or hack the website will be banned.
    Trolling, flaming, spamming, fetish shaming, and hate speech are prohibited. Directly or indirectly insulting or threatening members, mods, admins or staff is also prohibited and violations are subject to bans.
    Monetizing links or other monetizing enterprises that take advantage of members or the Forum are also prohibited.
    Members shall not use the forums as a “Personals” or “dating” site.
    Members who observe a prohibited action will report said action using the Forum’s “Report” function.
    Necroposting is PERMITTED. However, Forum Staff may choose to lock topics without warning.

    Members wishing to become forum staff or mods should contact an existing administrator or sign up during a recruitment event.


    Members may possess one (1) and only one account. Multiple accounts are prohibited.
    Members who lose access to their account and cannot recover access through the automated process in the forum are to contact an administrator for assistance.
    Futatari Palace staff WILL NOT honor requests to delete accounts. Members are in complete control of his or her access to the site. Members who no longer wish to continue participation on the site are welcome to abandon said accounts. Repeated requests to delete an account will be viewed as a violation of the Forum Rules.
    Members will not create multiple accounts to circumvent bans or disciplinary action. This will result in a permanent ban, but you're free to continue enjoying futanari.


    Members shall post materials in the appropriate forums. Off-topic posts are to be avoided. Excessive off-topic postings shall be viewed as disruption of the Forums.
    Members shall credit an artist, writer or developer appropriately.
    Loli, shota, or other ageplay content may not be based, at all or in part, on any real child. Loli/Shota
    content is subject to review and deletion without notice. If you are unsure about whether your content is 'acceptable', check with your local laws. In addition, members must elect to join the appropriate user groups to access this content. Members posting content outside those designated areas are subject to administrative action. This provision is in place to prevent members in heavily legislated regions from accidentally violating said laws in passing.
    In forums requiring tags, members shall tag content with the appropriate labels. If you want to add a tag, let the Forum Staff know.
    Content from creators listed in the DO NOT POST LIST is prohibited.
    Creators who wish to be placed on the DO NOT POST LIST must contact an administrator to process the request.Also, know your rights as a creator.
    Content where futanari is NOT the primary fetish, specifically, not present and prevalent in ~80% of a work’s content, must be labelled as “NON-FUTA.”
    Rules for specific sub-forums must be adhered to at all times. Said sub-forums shall have their respective rules posted in a “Sticky” thread.


    The Forum utilizes a point system to tally the degree of offenses by an individual member. The tally is a scale from one to ten (1-10). A user is muted (can log in, but cannot post) at three (3) points, which is effective for three (3) days. The member’s account is temporarily suspended at five (5) points, which is effective for five (5) days. Seven (7) points results in a temporary administrative ban effective for one (1) week. Ten (10) or more points results in a permanent ban. Extreme rules violations may result in a harsher penalty beyond the point system and may incur a permanent ban outright. Points can be taken away if good behavior is demonstrated.
    Members who wish to challenge or protest disciplinary action may contact an administrator and state the protest or challenge. Members may only make one challenge per incident. Administrative staff shall review the incident and uphold, reduce, commute or strengthen the disciplinary act on a case-by-case basis. Should the protest or challenge contain anything that violates the rules (i.e. flaming or threatening staff), the challenge shall be rejected outright.
    Members who attempt to circumvent disciplinary action in any way shall be viewed in violation of the Forum Rules and subject to stricter punishment or permanent banning.

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