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Thread: A Year Of Progress

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    Default A Year Of Progress

    Greetings, Futanari Palace!

    While little has happened on the surface, much has occurred behind the scenes. We've taken steps to address the instability issues that comes natural to having a PHP-based forum running on a 2008 framework. The admin team has agreed on a framework for how to save/archive/download all stories and roleplays from the site, to be implemented (and refined, of course) once the tools are ready. Donations had dropped below the ability for the site to sustain itself, but are within enough margins that I can personally pay a bit to keep the site afloat - something I swore I wouldn't do, but fuck it, this place is too lively to let die over a few bucks. Smash that donate button ( ) to help.

    In terms of use, Futanari Palace is still staggeringly active. We get new people every month, and daily logins approximate around 1400 unique users. In terms of user-submitted content and engagement, Role-Playing (RP), Stories, 2D Images, and... Introductions... seem to see the most traffic (this is anecdotal). The warmth and welcoming of this community is a highlight, as well as the sharing of user-created content. Y'all are awesome.

    For what's coming next, I have a plan for new tools, resources, and a stable new website - but we're run by volunteers. A single tool has been in development for over a year and is not quite ready for an alpha release. While impressive for the three volunteer programmers/developers/techies, I'm sure many of you want to see more, and to shove your text-based sexual organs and fluids into these tools to get the perverted results that you desire.

    Hence, while Futanari Palace is more stable and more secure, we're still interested in more volunteers with technical expertise. We're still interested in increasing donations to purchase what we can't make ourselves. Web developers, UI developers, programmers - your time and/or advice would be warmly, stickily welcomed.

    If you have any ideas for how you want to help Futanari Palace, please let us know. There may be a role on staff for you, or a method for your work to be rolled out to the users. Feel free to reach out - or keep an eye out for any announcements regarding recruitment!

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    Default Re: A Year Of Progress

    Well I have been here for years. And haven't doen anything financial. I can't go far, but I think I can give those couple bucks to at least pay for the server. For all my naughty RP fun. Thank you for all the hard work.

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    Default Re: A Year Of Progress

    I donated some too

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    Default Re: A Year Of Progress

    Mmm. Keahi. A member of the Inner Circle. I haven't seen you in awhile. Yes. Donations are good. Donations are love. Donations are life.

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