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    Default Hello There!

    Hello, I'm someone from Thailand who like Futanari. (Unfornately, people in my country often think Futanari mean Otoko no Ko...)

    I'm interested in Anime, Manga, video game, Vtubers, roleplaying, ETC.

    I'd like to have a Futa x Futa smut roleplay here, though my English is not very good. I also want to play kind of play-by-post game too. (Ofcourse, espscially with Futanari smut)

    My other fetishes is Exhibitionism, Bestiality, and urethral penetration via Futa X Futa.

    Nice to meet you.

    PS. By the way, I was registered here from a long time, but never actually active...
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    Default Re: Hello There!

    A month late, but welcome welcome all the same.

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    Default Re: Hello There!

    Welcome to the board! I see we share a lot of the same fetishes, especially the futa x futa urethral penetration and bestiality!
    If you like loli futa girls with big dicks on girly sissy boys, please check out my ongoing story Special Needs: Journey to that Special Place!
    Or if you enjoy some incestuous fun between two loli futa sisters please check out my prequel spin-off series Special Needs Origins: On Sister! - located in the same link!

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    Default Re: Hello There!

    Welcome to the site K.Neet.

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