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Thread: How to delete my account

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    Default How to delete my account

    I have no idea how to delete my account?

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    No sir, I don't like it.

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    Default Re: How to delete my account

    There is no way to delete an account at the user level. Likewise, the Staff does not honor delete requests except under unique circumstances.

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    Default Re: How to delete my account

    I never understood the delete my account requests. If I decided not to come here any more. I'd just stop. Since I see no hint in myself of losing interest in pretty girls with big wee-wees, I ain't goin' anywhere!

    That was a pretty stupid post. Don't delete my account though! I'll just continue to keep it hidden from my husband. Who am I kidding? He knows I'm bi, and even read some of my stories! (Not the violent gore and vore ones though1) If he saw this site, he'd just say "You're weird".

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    Default Re: How to delete my account

    Deleting an account is not a stupid question. It's a question I get fairly often.

    However, we clearly state that we will disregard all requests to delete accounts. If you create an account here, that account will remain. You can always come back.

    As for the 'unique circumstances', they never happen. There are no examples. We simply do not delete accounts - if we have, I'm not aware of any reason why we did, and the option is not available.

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    Default Re: How to delete my account

    While I'm not defending people who break the rules, it is hard to justify throwing the book at them when they can't actually check said rules. Of course, it doesn't matter too much in this case, as they clearly want out of the site. Or at least, they said they did.
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