Hilda happily clung onto Mizuki as the two walked towards the door, still only half aware that her freind was definitely larger in pretty much every respect than the last time they had seen one another. This just left the two men stood alone, with the 'wingman' looking to Brad, the one who seemed to have taken the lead here. "Hey, let's just cut our losses. I like this place, and don't really wanna get banned, okay?" He said, earning a snort from Brad.

"Fine, whatever. But did you see that redhead? Damn, I gotta try for a piece of that. I'll talk to you in the morning." He said, following the two women with dark intent. He reached into his pocket as he exited the club, and as the cold night air enveloped him, he slid into the darkness to pull the stun gun out. The brunette with the massive tits was hot, but too drunk to stop him if he decided to take her friend. And he knew the streets would be empty at this time, with everybody either in the club or tucked up in bed.

"I'm sorry I got drunk, Mizuki! Hey, you're my knight in shining armour!" Hilda slurred, using her friend as support as they walked. Then she was suddenly pushed to the ground as Brad attacked Mizuki with the stun gun. Many, many volts of electricity would surge through her body, but unfortunately for Brad, he would have only made her stronger.