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Thread: Reworked, Returning, and Hopeful

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    Default Reworked, Returning, and Hopeful

    Hello again, FP. I've seen you in my favorite bookmarks list for a long time, and I'm sorry I glossed you over... I just never really knew what to say/do before. Identity crisis and whatnot. Much as I wanted to be here, I wasn't sure I was in the right position to.

    Well, now I'm confident it's time I came back to you. Some soul searching and whatnot, I finally found the form I'm most comfortable with. One that can show complete appreciation for what FP has to offer.

    I never posted much.. I may still not post much, but I'm here. I'd love to meet more of you. I'm here to enjoy and be enjoyed, after all. I usually am on Discord more often than not, my go to platform for chatting between various games and my many friends. Anyone who wants to be my friend here I can happily also add there.

    And in tradition, let me just go ahead and use the template question list:

    "Who Are You?"

    My name is Ellis Allond, though simply Ellis is preferable. I have also gone by "Ellie" a few times when cases of mistaken identity happened.

    "Where are you from?"

    Technically, I was born in Gridania, where I lived a mostly protected and reserved life. Got the adventuring bug, and my first stop was Limsa Lominsa to pick up on Arcanistry. After that, Ul'dah for Alchemy, and everything sort of just... barreled on from there, really.

    "What's up with that nick of yours?"

    I figured the title seemed appropriate, all things considered.

    "What do you like about futanari?"

    In the end, that they are women with simply more to offer. Being bisexual with a feminine lean (were it not obvious from how I tried to feminize my own self), it just tickles all the right desires.

    "What got you interested in the first place?"

    I've always loved the female form, but being a softer sort, I often wished roles were reversed... Where I was the one swept off his feet, hit on, courted, etc. by a forward, flirtatious woman. Futanari added a hormonal response to that desire that made it seem sensible. The more I looked at it, the more it just seemed right for me... Even if traditional roles remained the same, it still offered me more to indulge in and explore, not to mention a familiar feeling I can help bring to the ones I'd adored. Futanari is just... simply wonderful.

    "What are your favorite kinks/pairings?"
    Stronger and/or taller futa with effeminate male, as well as futa+male in general. Futa+female is also adored, but I can't help that exactly.

    I will also add I've a love of lactation/larger breasts, masturbation, lots of cum, and crossdressing. Even if I'm not a girl, I enjoy pulling the look off~

    "Have you read over our Rules and Do Not Post (DNP) List? Do you have any questions?"

    While the links are broken for some reason for me, I can only assume it generally follows the same guidelines as most forums. Simply put, I know not to be an asshat and keep things widely viewed as deplorable out of this sphere.

    "What sections are you most excited about exploring?"

    I'm generally here to meet, greet, chat, roleplay, and maybe find a few H-games/things I've not encountered before. Though that said, if you've any recommendations...

    "What brought you to our forums/How did you hear about us?"

    It was honestly such a long, long time ago that I first found this place... I forget the details. Either it was pure accident or a friend's goading that I gave this place a look. What's bringing me back though is a hope that I can meet people who'd enjoy what I have to offer, be it friendship or just a good place to stick a futa's dick.

    "Anything else you might like to add?"

    I'm generally warm and welcoming. While I might not be that easy to get a hold of here, I'm happily chatting away with friends a good portion of time via Discord, as I'd mentioned earlier. If you'd like me to add you... well...

    "Hobbies that don't involve a fondness for girlcock?"
    (Out of Character) I play many games. Final Fantasy XIV is the main one, followed by WoW (when I'm subbed), Monster Hunter: World (PC), and a few others. Also an owner of a Switch. Karting, splatting, or adventuring count?

    "Other online communities you happen to be a part of?"

    I think the main one at this point is fairly obvious.

    "Last words before we pass final judgment?"

    I'm hoping I can beat the lurker bug this time and find more discussions I can take part in. Otherwise, I'd like to just maybe make some more friends and meet some more playmates here. While the spheres I'm a part of have yielded results, it's simply silly that I haven't updated/tried here more. I sincerely hope that this time I'm here, the futa goddesses watching from above are kind, and I meet many who I can satisfy and make happy.
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    Default Re: Reworked, Returning, and Hopeful

    Welcome Back Hope you enjoy your Return.
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