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Thread: One to rule them all

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    "Mmh... don't... stop Mizuki" I purr lustfully and feel my nipples engorge inside your cute little mouth. The room is filled by the smell of our combined fluids, sweat and cum alike and only adds to an increasingly potent cocktail of pure arousal. Your body shows no sign of fatigue even after your rather impressive orgasm a few moments ago. I feel your member harden once more and pushing onto my belly as your soft ass sandwiches my angrily swollen rod between your cheeks. I lean back and let you take charge as you clearly wish to. While my hands now rest on your hips and my cock gently pushes your tight but surprisingly firm asscheeks aside I feel your increased weight ontop of me.
    "You... oh yesss..." I moan and get interrupted by your teeth carefully haressing my nipples and another shot of pre gushing onto your ass and back. Every soft touch of yours is magical and sends waves of pleasure and joy through my body and fuel my insatiable desire to fuck you. You pick up pace and grind my pulsating cock harder and faster as our pussies dampen the couch under us. "Mizuki... I am close" I gasp and you keep on assaulting me at all the places that drive me nuts and make me submit to your will. Despite being still far bigger and more endowed I find myself being dominated by you... and I simply love this feeling.
    "Mizuki... I... think i won't... mmmmh" another moan escapes my mouth and make you only grin widen even more. "... last longer. I want to... take you... so bad". I barely muster to form this words and to be honest it sounded more like me begging over suggesting anything, but it's the truth. "You got me wrapped around your finger and if you want me to come all over you I can't stop you... but it would be a shame to miss out on a good filling and a potential growth spurt" I huskily whisper and bit my lip in anticipation.

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    I purred as I could feel your shaft throbbing and twitching in need for release, it had gotten far more erratic the more i stroked it with both my hand and rear cheeks. I release your nipple with a little wet POP before leaning forwards and planting my lips against yours, kissing you lovingly as I lifted up my hips and angled your cock to my royal snatch and slowly lowered myself down as your shaft fills me up inch by inch. I shuddered and moaned at the same time feeling you within me, knowing that this is the closest we've ever been to each other and loving every second of it.

    My hips begin to rock up and down your shaft faster, taking in more and more of your size within me as I squeezed and massaged it with my inner walls, coaxing out that delicious white cock cream you had saved up for me "Mmmm...cum for me love...don't hold back a single drop!" I cooed after breaking off the kiss for a mere moment. Wet claps echoing throughout the room as my ass collides with your hips, my cock slapping lewdly against your chest and stomach. "I'm going to cum any moment as well...let's cum together!" I groaned, shivering once more before a hearty moan escapes my lips as does another thick rope of cum begins to shoot out from my cock and splatter your breasts with my seed.
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