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Thread: I am D.

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    Default I am D.

    I am D. I am a writer of futa and other smut. My main kinks are futa, exhibitionism, humiliation and monstergirls. I'm afraid I can't give insight as to how I developed these paraphilias. I just recognize them.

    Ironically, I am originally from /d/, back when they had a writethread to which I contributed. It exists on /trash/ now.

    D. is the worst sobriquet in the world, not just because of the existence of /d/, but because it's always taken on websites. "DTales" wasn't taken, graciously. Nevertheless, I am stuck with it.

    I haven't read the rules and DNP because they aren't currently loading for me, but I don't think I'll be breaking any rules. Any guidance on how I should act here would be appreciated.

    I've known about FP for a long time now, though a hint from DavyFoonster brought me to actually sign up for the site itself.

    I post my writings to Pastebin, Literotica and lately, A03. (Though 4chan has started banning links to A03 for some reason.)

    If you'd like to see my work, most of it can be accessed from the link below.


    The Total Package: A Compendium Of D's Erotica and Smut

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    Default Re: I am D.

    Welcomn to FP , Hope you enjoy your stay

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    Default Re: I am D.

    The rules and DNP pages broke at some point in late 2015/early 2016, and the only way to access them is the Wayback Machine.

    Last working version of Rules page

    Last working version of DNP

    Unless you plan on trolling, signing people up to pyramid schemes, or posting a load of Dmitrys, Futanaria or Innocent Dickgirls content then I think you're in the clear.

    Also, I totally can't wait to look at your compendium of stuff! I just saw you had a load of chapters of The Player Witch Argument, which I thought stopped at chapter 2. You should totally put a link to the stories in the writing section, if not your signature too.
    I'm always RPing, but feel free to share a crazy idea you want to try!

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