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    I see you bring the dumpster into the back loading area. I can see the filth all over the dumpster as you dust your hands off. As I approach the dumpster I realize it also has a very bad odor to it. "Mizuki, I don't thunk this will be a suitable container for a sample. It will be to contaminated." I start to think of other solutions when you interrupt my thoughts with a solution of your own.

    "We could use a bath tub. It's cleaner and should minimize the spillage." You say grinning knowing you'd already thought it through. Immediately my mind is filled with the image of me laying in a tub and you unleashing your torrent of cum onto me, but I shake my head and bring myself back to reality. "That's a fantastic idea Mizuki. The only issue is I don't have access to a bath tub in the facility. We will need to get one. Think you can go and get one and bring it back here? "

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    I nod "Sure i could get one but you're paying for it, so you got a company credit card or something? If you prefer you can join me to buy the tub and i'll carry it back" I respond, kicking the dumpster back outside as it rolls along the ground at surprising speed before crashing into a brick wall with a loud CRASH. "Glad to at least have that thing out of here, smells like crap" I smirked.
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