I come out of my office looking to my watch as I head towards the door. "Mizuki, you're pretty early. Everything alright?" I lead you into the building and into the lab. The entire walk you continue to try to explain why you're early, but I keep telling yiu to wait so we may record any note about what you're experiencing.Once in the exam room I instruct you to have a seat. "Please Mizuki, tell me what's going on." I take out a notepad and get ready to record your response. I write down everything you tell me, nodding once in a while and encouraging you to continue. Your seem to finish your story and I interrupt you," Mizuki, the changes you have described all seem to be within the realm of what we expected when you took the serum. It's your bodies response to having more of your brain in use. You have more awareness of your body so it only seems like you've changed."

You blurt out cutting me off before my next sentence," But now I have a cock!" I stop and look up from my note pad. "What did you just say?" I ask attempting to understand what you just told me. Instead of repeating yourself you stand and pull your pants down. A flaccid cock hangs between your thighs. I stare in amazement. "We need to get some measurements. Is it fully functional? Do you produce sperm? Have you become erect?" I continue rattling off questions faster than you can answer. All of yours answers being I don't know.

I return with a tape measure," May I?" I ask before reaching down to start taking measurements.