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Thread: *A pervert approaches*

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    Default *A pervert approaches*

    As you can can already guess, i'm new, I just subscribed a pair of minutes ago.
    On all the futas, my favourite are hypers and lolis u.u

    I would like to start posting ecc, but the rules button is broken and i can't check the rules😅
    May someone be so kind to post a summary of 'em?😄

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    Default Re: *A pervert approaches*

    There is a forum for just about everything if you check your user profile settings and make sure to show all forums and subscribe to the Loli board you shouldn't have a problem.

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    Default Re: *A pervert approaches*

    Hi there, welcome to Futa Palace~! Hope you enjoy your stay, feel free to chat or get into naughtier forms of fun with me if you wish.

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    Default Re: *A pervert approaches*

    I too am a fan of Loli and Hyper. If you like stories then I would recommend Tōsaku no Kishi's works. Very talented writer in my humble opinion. Of course just about everyone has talent around here so browse to your soul's content.
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