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Thread: Yo! Newbie writer saying hi ^.^

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    Default Yo! Newbie writer saying hi ^.^

    Hey all! I'm a 20 y/o gender-bender individual who will be moving from the US to Germany this month. English is my native language, but I am also at a conversational level in Spanish, German, and Japanese. I am starting a hist fic piece titled Koçek, and will be posting part 1 of the prologue after this. It will be my first written story ever, and hopefully I will get a good amount of it done during the break.

    I like femboys, tomboys, androgyny and most things involving gender. I enjoy good everyday basic shit like BDSM as well as some more niche stuff like petplay, cg/l, rope, foodstuffs, bit of gore, some vore, yandere, knife play, bruising, blood drinking, incest, twincest, genderswapping romanian twincest vampires 'v', and a whole lotta other stuff!

    Anyway, I'm here nyaa~ =^w^=

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    Default Re: Yo! Newbie writer saying hi ^.^


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