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Thread: Bigger IS Better (IC)

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    Ginette had dreamt of what it would be like to give a titfuck to a cock big enough to actually overfill her cleavage, but the reality was far beyond anything she had ever imagined. She could feel Mizuki's divine hearbeat thrumming so powerfully against her that her nipples were throbbing with diamond hard arousal and the feeling of that massive shaft sliding between her breasts was beyond amazing. Every other cock that she'd had between her tits, even the 13 inch beast from her favorite ex, were so pathetic in comparison that she couldn't even think of them as titfucks anymore. They were just pity massages, but this was a memory that would ignite the passion of her lust for the rest of her life.

    The sudden burst of warmth that engulfed her as the impossibly thick, heady burst of precum utterly soaked her tits, making them glisten so beautifully in the light. The feeling of that warm liquid pouring over her nipples sent a bolt of liquid pleasure racing down her spine and she moaned as an orgasm shook her, her own arousal flooding the floor below her, a lake of fragrant femcum taking over the floor. The majestic head of Mizuki's amazing cock pressed insistently against Ginette's lip as she moaned, the intoxicating sent coming from that massive cumslit making her eyes roll before she opened her mouth as wide as she could and began to suck that fat mushroom head into her mouth, her tongue massaging the bottom of that powerful crown.

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    I groaned in pleasure as the warm soft lips of Ginette begin to wrap around and suckle upon the tip of my throbbing godcock, the constant flow of precum greeting her tongue in generous amounts over and over as i thrusted myself deeper into her mouth, eager to push myself down into her throat. The large pillows that were her breasts exciting and teasing my shaft, coaxing out the potent load that rumbled between my legs, ready to blow at a moment's notice should i let myself go, but I wanted Ginette to work for it, it would be far more satisfying for the both of us that way. "That's it sweetie, take me nice and deep, squeeze those tits tighter around me and pump them up and down more, get me to cum and you'll definitely be well rewarded and be in the running to win my pick for the day" I purred encouragingly, enticing Ginette to go for gold and to claim her reward. The smell of sex wafting through the air of the booth, flooding the area with lust, the air thick with arousal and the carpet slowly getting wetter from our sexual juices dripping down to the floor.
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