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Thread: FutanariPalace Needs You!

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    Default FutanariPalace Needs You!

    FutanariPalace is now opening up for more Moderators!

    But, what does it need to join the moderators?

    It's pretty simple, you will have to fill these three questions.

    • First: if you had any experience with moderating: any servers/websites/chats you own and done moderation work anything out of normal that you've witnessed and how you deal with it?

    • Second: How can you help FutanariPalace: Anything you can do about the forum, any ideas you want to share with the staff to help the FP community to grow even further.

    • Third: is where would you like to moderate? Any places in the forum where would you want to act?

    With all that said, now the applications have started and a word from this moderator to all the persons who applies is good luck! I do hope to meet you soon as fellow colleagues in the moderation staff!
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    Default Re: FutanariPalace Needs You!

    Hi~ Hi~
    I'm Lien.

    1.) As far as experience goes I have been a moderator for a few stream chats. With that experience I have just had to moderate the amount of racist, and unnecessarily offensive/rude people.

    2.) I think I can provide additional help in making sure any or all forum posts are following the necessary rules. In terms of how to better the forum, I believe we can open a discussion among other mods to share such ideas and if/how to implement them.

    3.) Being a story/doujin fan I'd like to help in the moderation of related forums, as well as any others here on this site that might need some more taking care of.

    ~ <3 ~

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