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Thread: Bookmarking Issues

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    Default Bookmarking Issues

    I have been having issues with the bookmarking system lately. A fair chunk of my bookmarks simply are not accessible through the bookmarks menu in the settings page.

    Specifically, if I revisit a post or thread directly it is listed as bookmarked, but if I go to view a list of my bookmarks it fails to appear there. This problem persists regardless of the time between my bookmarking and accessing the list of them, and also regardless of un-bookmarking and then adding them again. I only have around 8 bookmarked things total(threads/posts) and likely would have somewhere around 15 if this issue wasn't in effect.

    And although I'd like to see if the efficacy or non efficacy is post specific, I'd rather not debookmark the few things that have actually been saved.

    Has anyone had a similar issue? Is there some other menu by which to access my bookmarks that updates itself correctly? Should I just live a crippled life and subscribe to everything instead?

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    Default Re: Bookmarking Issues

    I don't know of this issue and haven't had it myself. I hope this is an isolated incident.

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