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Thread: The Complete Tags Guide

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    Default The Complete Tags Guide

    For those who don't know, the tags list has been finalized and implemented. This does not mean the current tags list is set in stone. Tags can still be removed or added as needed. The tags list will always be open to revision. Do not hesitate to make suggestions if you think there are changes which need to be made.

    Note that categories don't actually exist in the tags system. Categories are merely for our own organizational purposes and serve merely as a way to try to make sense of the tags list as a whole.

    Also note that as of this post the tags list has been locked down and it should be impossible to add any tags. Only the tags on this list can be used ( in
    red or purple). If you're unaware of tags or don't know how to use tags there are some screen shots at the bottom of this post which show you where the tags field is and how to use it. It's pretty straight forward and easy to use so there shouldn't be any problem on that front.

    One of the rules of FP is that all "extreme" content must be warned for. That's a vague qualifier so what is extreme for the purpose of tags will be denoted like so:

    all content in this category must be tagged or warned for

    tag : content pertaining to this particular tag must be tagged or warned for

    If you think there is other "extreme" content that should be warned for, please post your idea in this thread. Conversely, if there is something labeled as "extreme" which you think shouldn't be please feel free to make a post about it in this thread.

    Failure to warn for "extreme" content may be punishable at some point but that hasn't been decided as of yet. However, it seems likely failure to tag or provide adequate warnings will be treated much like we treat DNP violations. Remember you can warn not just with tags but also in the post itself. If there is specific content you want to warn for but there is no tag please feel free to post a warning in your story header.

    We ask that everyone tag their works appropriately at their earliest convenience. As of this momen the "must tag" date is 1st April, 2016. All doujin / comics, stories, games, and videos posted or updated by the member on or after that date must be tagged and warned for appropriately.

    DOMINANT: (if applicable): futadom, femdom, maledom

    SEXUAL ACTION: no sex, threesome, orgy, masturbation, oral, auto-fellatio, anal, vaginal, double penetration, multiple penetration, pegging, rimming, fisting,

    STORY/ART GENRE: science fiction, fantasy, high school drama, horror, romance,office drama, fan fiction, fan art

    NON-CONSENT: reluctance, sleep molestation, rape, mind-break, mind control

    PAIRINGS: futa/female, futa/male, male/futa, male/female, female/female, male/male, futa/futa

    UNDERAGE: U18, U15, U12,

    Fetish Categories:

    INCEST: sister/sister, mother/daughter, father/daughter, brother/sister, mother/son, father/son, brother/brother, incest, self-cest,

    BODY WASTE: scat, watersports

    amputee, multi-cock, muscle

    FURRY/NON-HUMAN: furry, monster-girl, goo-girl, mimi, bestiality, oviposition

    TRANSFORMATION: transformation, body part transformation, human to non-human, size theft, attribute theft

    GENDER-SWAP: gender-swap, male to female, male to futa, female to futa,

    PREGNANCY: impregnation, mpreg, futapreg, birth

    BODY FLUIDS: lactation, inflation, excessive cum

    GENDER BENDING: trap, crossdressing

    GROWTH: growth, muscle growth, cock growth, breast expansion

    BONDAGE/HUMILIATION: bondage, humiliation, size shaming, spanking

    INSERTION: urethral insertion, cervical insertion, alternative insertion

    SIZE: micro, macro, hyper

    MISC: vore, gore, cuckold, corruption, voyeurism, exhibitionism, interracial, interspecies, stomach deformation, drug use, role reversal, shemale, necrophilia

    Glossary of Terms

    furry: involving anthropomorphic animal characters. Ex. a fox girl

    futadom: Futanari are portrayed as physically, intellectually, and/or sexually superior to men and/or women.

    hyper: specific body parts of super-human size

    impregnation: the act of getting someone pregnant

    inflation: massive increase in volume of body parts due to being filled with vast amounts of cum

    macro: extreme super-human body size, giantess

    micro: opposite of macro

    mimi: Characters that look human except for animals ears & or a tail. Ex. Inuyasha

    monster girl: involving creatures that are not human but do not fall into the anthropomorphic animal category such as centaurs, lamia, harpy, driders etc.

    mpreg: male pregnancy

    pegging: anal sex where the male is the recipient generally with a female wearing a strap-on

    rimming: using the tongue to stimulate another person's anus

    vore: Involves eating people. This could be swallowing another character or having them be inserted completely into the body of another such as through a vagina, penis, or anus.
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