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Thread: Transformation sequence(or comic) art, I'm willing to pay for!

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    Default Transformation sequence(or comic) art, I'm willing to pay for!

    Hi everyone,
    This is a list of futa tf sequences I really wish can be made into sequences or comic art. I am indeed willing to pay for these and prices are negotiable. Please leave a message on this forum and/or send me a PM if you are interested in doing any these for money or just for fun. These (very strange yet really erotic to me) sequences may be very niche-y but I still wish for them to become art. So here they are.

    If anything is way way way too weird please tell me.
    *I prefer the transformation to be rather distressful to the victim.
    *I prefer it when they are still clothed while the transformation is happening.
    *if anyone wants to do any of these transformation sequences or pinups just for fun or the challenge you are more than welcomed to and can post them in this thread.
    *Yes I know these are the same as I requested for futanization
    *Thanks so much if you want to do these.


    1."This isn't funny" Asian: Clown tf/butt expansion/lip expansion/overbite expansion/foot expansion/slight hand expansion/futa tf/cumming/uncontrollable laughter

    An Asian woman thinks she's getting sick (after insert event here) because of her stomach ache, her symptoms get worse as her skin is getting pale and her feet are getting sore, even her nose feels a bit puffy. The changes continues as her clothes get more colorful and silly(if that's possible if not it's okay to skip that), her skin starts to turn turns pure white, green eye shadow appears on her, pink blush appears on her, her hair turns blue, her feet grow big, her hands get a tiny bit bigger(but not as drastic as the feet), the tip of her nose swells and turns red, her lips have plumped and turn red, she developes a big goofy overbite(not just her two front teeth). Finally there is a growing bulge in her pants (a penis and balls. Essentially, she turns into a futa clown. If her penis ends up out of her panties or pants then when she cums it's semen and a little confetti. (for the nose make it more like this picture and here is two references of how the transformation(particularly the nose) & but remember all I want to happen to her hair is for it to turn blue, I don't want it to look big and stupid.

    2."Better not rat me out" Asian or Indian woman: Rat-girl tf/nose expansion/wetting/foot expansion/futa tf with ball expansion

    An Asian or Indian woman has been infected by (whatever). Shocked she starts transforming, a nub appears above her butt. Her ass/thighs/hips start expanding, her hands and feet start growing claws, whiskers sprout from her face, she pees herself, her body gets a little hairy(arms legs chest pubes and especially armpits don't have to put too much work into that, just a little hairy) the nub turns into a long rat tail, her feet get bigger (more longer) her ears turn more rat-like, her nose gets bigger her two front teeth lengthen and turn into rat teeth, and she starts to grow a big penis with balls so big they cause her pants or panties to rip.

    3."your trapped!"Asian or Indian: foot expansion/futa tf/wetting/feet-hands/dicknipples/penis-tongue/nose expansion/Underwear to diaper tf

    An Asian or Inidan woman for whatever reason you decide her feet start to swell bigger, her hands are getting thinker and longer while her fingers are getting shorter and fatter, her hands have turned into feet, her nose is starting to grow and now her underwear is feeling strange on her, her butt/hips/thighs start getting bigger while her underwear is getting puffier and is now apparently turning into a diaper. When it's turned into a diaper completely she loses control of her bladder and embarrassingly pees herself, her transformation isn't done yet though, her nipples transform into penises(no balls for the dicknipples please), speaking becomes more difficult as her tongue is turning into a penis too, she starts growing a really big penis and balls and then cums. Guess now she knows why she needs the diaper.

    4."Feeling Sluggish" Asian: Slug-girl tf/futa tf/butt expansion/nose expansion/feet-hands/belly(pregnant) expansion

    An Asian girl starts to get sweaty after a slug lands on her shoulder, her eyes start to change color and feel lots of pressure as if they're going to pop out, her body is getting shiny and very slimy/oozy turning a yellowish green with brown speckles, her nose is getting bigger, her ass and belly are getting bigger, she feels hundreds of slug babies within her, her hands are gradually turning into feet, her feet grow a bit bigger too, she develops a big dick and balls, and her eyes turn into to stalk eyes. Here is an image for inspiration if you can also make her legs merge together like that, that'd be great too.

    5."Baboonzled" Asian: Mandrill-girl tf/futa tf/wetting/foot expansion/nose expansion

    An Aisan starts to feel weird. Her feet grow bigger and her toes get longer, she grows big monkey fangs, her body gets hairy(or at least her chest legs and arms (doesn't have to be furry but at least be as hairy as a really hairy man), especially her armpits and pubic hair, she pees herself, her ears turn into pointed mandrill ears her nose gets bigger and the red and blue mandrill facial markings start to appear on her (but keep it subtle), her ass expands and turns redish realizing this is the markings of a male mandrill she looks down at her self she is growing a large cock and balls. She's definitely been made a monkey of, but at least she's an alpha shemale.

    6. "sow can this be happening to me" Asian: Pig-girl tf/futa tf/ multi-breast growth/ butt expansion/uncontrollable snorting

    Daisy for some reason of your choice starts to turn into a pig-girl, she grows 2 more pairs of breasts, a large penis with balls, her ears turn into pig ears, all six of her breasts start to expand, her feet and hands turn into pig feet, her nose becomes slightly pig like, she can't stop snorting and squealing, she gets small pig tusks, and grows a pig tail and grows a big butt.

    7. Shark-girl tf/futa tf/webbed foot expansion/nose expansion

    An Asian starts turning into a shark-girl, her skin turns into great-white shark skin, her feet get big and webbed, and her hands also get webbed, she grows a shark fin on her back and a shark tail (the tail isn't necessary if too hard), her pupils become huge until her whole eyes are almost all black, her nose gets big, her teeth become sharp and shark-ish, and of course she grows a large cock and it's respective balls.

    8. "Be careful for what you wish for" Asian: lip expansion/genie tf/foot expansion/nose expansion/futa tf

    An Asian finds a genie and wishes for 3 things that get misinterpreted. She ends up getting a big nose really big lips(that it almost impedes her speech) and big feet, turning into a genie (ears turn pointed/eye color turns green/body more curvaceous/skin turns light blue), and growing a 14-inch dick.

    9."Fungal infection"

    An Asian gets a pretty bad fungal infection some how, her skin turns more mushroomy(?), she starts having mushrooms growing from her body in random places, her nipples turn into penises, her feet become large, some random small penises also sprout on some random parts of her body, her fingers start turning into penises, her tongue turns into penis, and her nose is turning into a dick nose (of course without balls and her dick nose should still have nostrils, you know the kind) and she grows a large cock and balls from her crotch, two extra dicks also sprout out of her pussy. kind of like this did cumming all over herself in this sequence would be sexy.

    10."Udderly ridiculous" Asian or India woman: Cow-girl tf/extra breast growth, breast expanison/udder growth/futa tf/nose expansion/lip expansion//wetting/ uncontrollable mooing/captions and-or speech(like what you did last time is fine)

    An Asian(or Indian) woman begins unwantingly changing (from a reason of your choice), her breasts grow larger(not super big though), another pair of breasts gradually form under her original ones, her lips start to plump a little, her transformation scares her so much she pees herself, she develops cow ears, her speech starts to become mixed with moos, a cow tail, and cow horns, her nose gets bigger, and big cow spots all over her body. The last two stages are that she develops an udder at her waist, and then even a penis. For this tf I want there to be a focus in the growing bulge in her pants, The udder doesn't have to be contained in her pants, but her penis has to be in there at least until the last sequence. Remember an Asian or dark Indian girl wearing jeans is best for this sequence, and I always prefer the transformation to be something horrifying to them. If she is wearing a shirt you can have small wet spots where her nipples are (as if she is leaking milk).
    Here's a helpful (or not) guide: pg1 she is normal but feels something happening, pg2 pees her self changes start beginning, pg3 changes continue/intensify/new changes happen, pg4 changes continue/intensify, pg5 changes continue/intensify and she cums and squirts milk (if possible).

    11."The Donk' virus" Asian woman: Donkeygirl tf/teeth expansion/butt expansion/futa tf/cumming/nose expansion/uncontrollable braying/wetting/captions and-or speech(like what you did last time is fine)

    A short haired(bob-cut hair) Asian (let's pretend she is Korean) experiences some unusual slow changes(from a reason of your choice so long as the tf is terrifying to her), she is so terrified she pisses herself, she starts to grow a donkey tail, donkey ears, a bigger ass, and a big overbite("donkey teeth" but nothing gross just a larger overbite with buck teeth), her nose gets bigger, her tongue gets longer(this isn't necessary), she grows a big penis, and after a little while her penis and her overbite grows a bit bigger then her penis turns into a donkey penis(I would like to see the transition between human and donk[really just a horse dick but practically the same thing] cock if possible. If you can it'd be cool if she could spread this to another girl. Have her lose control of her mind and uncontrollably brays(hee-haws) and uncontrollably cums. Again with pants on is ideal (because 'dem growing bulges are just so sexy)

    12."Primitive Nature" Asian woman: Cavewoman tf/wetting/lip expansion/foot expansion/futa tf/nose expansion

    An Asian woman starts to feel strange, she slowly is getting less intelligent and starts turning into a cavewoman/neanderthal, her eyebrows get thicker, her armpits get hairier and smellier/sweatier, her chest legs and arms also get hairier(pretty much all where hair makes sense), her feet grow larger, she pees herself a little in fear, and her face gets slightly more primitive(more neanderthal) looking(but still sexy), her eyebrows turn into a uni-brow, her lips get bigger, her nose gets bigger, she she gets a little more muscular too, and she grows a penis. Having her cry during the transformation if possible would make sense.

    13."Intoxicating smells" Asian: Futa tf/farting butt expansion/smelly foot expansion/stinking armpits and armpit hair growth/nose expansion/lip expansion/big(not too big) goofy overbite expansion/with captions and or speech bubbles.

    I want an Asian girl who suddenly gets some bad gas(from source of your choice) and everytime she farts her ass grows(if you can represent the fart with a written sound effect and a faint green gas that'd be cool), during this process she gets really sweaty armpits that grow stinkier and hairier, and also her feet grow and get smellier too, her lips are also expanding and her teeth are getting a big kind of goofy overbite. Her nose grows bigger (just like how your morphs are) so she is forced to smell all of this. When she thinks the embarrassment is over, it's not she grows a cock and balls slowly and cums. In the end her ass/thighs should be pretty damn big. Having her mention how bad the smells are and how they are strangely turning her on is cool.
    *the transformation is even better for me if she is clothed (of course she can rip through her clothes) and if you want shoe-burst to happen that's fine too. If there is any other woman this could spread over to that'd be amazingly great.

    14."I'm turning into a stereotype!" Asian: Futa tf/foot expansion/Asian stereotype tf/bimbo tf

    An (already) Asian girl's English is slowly getting worse and her accent becomes more stereotypically Chinese as her eyes become more thin(more Asian[unless they are already not round]) her lips become more big and teeth become more of a big overbite, and the pale skin she was once proud of turns into a very more Asian tone, after all that she grows big feet, then her hips/thighs/butt expand a little more and then a bulge forms in her pants (growing a penis) her lips plump a bit again and her upper teeth get a little bigger again too, then her penis bulge grows even larger(you can have it burst out at the end if you want). (for the record, I live in China and my girlfriend is Chinese, don't worry I do not have any offensive sentiments about Asians, I just think the stereotype looks sexy)

    15."TyranasaurAss" Asian or Indian: Dinosaur-girl tf/futa tf/butt-thigh-hips expansion/foot expansion/slight giantess growth(if possible)

    A (Indian or Asian) woman, just came back from the museum recounting what a creepy old-man said to her about "watch your ass" and something about a "weredino". She starts to feel more aggressive and stressed her teeth turn sharp and a small bump appears above her ass, her spine is a bit more bumpy too. The bump gets longer and it's apparent that it's a dinosaur tail, her feet and hands now have claws, and her ass is starting to swell, she starts getting faint patches of scales on her and her skin is turning slightly a dark brown, she seems to also be getting taller and taller, her hip widen and her thighs thicken, her feet grow, and she also is growing a large dick and balls.

    16. "Too shy for this" Asian with glasses: foot expansion/smelly hairy armpit growth/body hair growth/wetting/ futa tf/ foot expansion/penis-nose tf/embarrassment

    A very shy Asian with glasses, is unwantingly transforming, her feet start to expand, her armpits are getting stinkier sweatier and hairier, (also maybe you can make her arms legs and chest get a little hairy too), this shocks her so much she pees herself in her pants alot, after that she starts to grow a dick, her embarrassment isn't over yet though, her nose starts to get longer and the tip is bulbing slightly and getting pinker until she has a dick nose(still with nostrils of course). Have her blush alot too. The main focus of this is the penis nose transformation though so I'd like to see the nose transforming from normal to in between to penis-nose

    17. "Can't stop cumming!" Asian or Indian: foot expansion/ futa tf/multi cock tf (3 dicks)/feet hands/excessive cumming /big lip expansion

    An (Asian or Indian) woman for whatever reason you come up with, is reluctantly transforming her feet start to grow, she also starts to grow a larger penis, her fingers start becoming shorter and her palm is becoming longer her hands eventually turn into feet, she grows two lesser penises beneath her main one. Her lips expand and also she can't stop cumming, she's cumming so much that the whole room is being splattered with her she-jizz and all over herself. She wishes she could stop but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen. (If you can't do nylons for this, than her wearing jeans is okay, even better if she can jizz her pants until it's soaking and sticky with her cum).

    18. "How could you of betrayed me?" Asian(in qipao or other traditional Chinese clothing): feet expansion/futa tf/ penis-nose/feet-hands tf/penis-nipples tf/penis tongue

    (background story a foreign bodyguard has promised to bring the princess back to the Emperor safely, but instead he had brought her to a place where magic would transform her, and now she has just realized that he has "other" plans for her. Her feet start to grow big, she started to grow a penis, then her nipples start getting longer and turn into penises, then her hands turn into feet, then her tongue turns into a penis and finally her nose turns into a penis. She is utterly horrified by this.

    19. "Aspiring Models" Two Asians: 1st girl- mannequin tf/foot expansion/butt expansion/futa tf/feet-hands tf. 2nd girl- mannequin tf/underwear to diaper tf/futa tf/lip expansion/wetting/foot expansion(but not as big as the 1st girl)

    Two Asian girls; a Chinese named "Ming" and and a Japanese named "Kasumi" have great dreams of becoming famous models and they're about to be just that(literally). Kasumi hopes to become a famous foot model and Ming wants to be famous for modeling underwear. Coming to some secret place a gas fills the room. Kasumi's feet start expanding and so does Ming's but at a much slower rate, Kasumi's butt/thighs/hips are growing larger by the second, and Ming's lips are growing by the second. there eyes turn into empty hollow eye sockets. Both of their skin is turning white and shiny. Their joints start turning into mannequin joints and they are feeling very stiff, Kasumi's hands are now turning into feet, while Ming's panties are getting thicker and puffier turning into a diaper which then she loses bladder control and pees herself, both of there lips turn red, then both Kasumi and Ming start growing big dicks. Last picture is a pinup of them frozen in there new mannequin forms with text explaining(or thought bubbles of their heads to explain) that during the day-time they are frozen and speechless only to be subjected to being looked and laughed at the entire day, but at night at least they can move and speak freely again...too bad all they want to do now is have sex all night instead of escape, no matter how much they want it.
    *for some reason this story and sequence feels very special to me, I hope it turns out really well, maybe it could be an on going thing later. Let's see how it turns out.
    *if Ming and Kasumi end up having sex(it really depends on the photos you find) have jizz leaking through the seems of there joints(as if implying they(or the one being penetrated) was so filled with cum that her new mostly hollow mannequin body can't contain that much cum .
    *their joints turn into ball joints (this is kind of a mix between a mannequin, puppet, and doll tf. I kind of almost want this to be a little creepy.

    20. "Phantom of the Peking Opera" Asian woman: Chinese-opera make-up tf/uncontrollable singing/futa tf/big penis expansion/foot expansion

    A Chinese woman refuses to listen to her mother's warning about a family curse. Traditional Chinese Opera actress make up slowly starts appearing on her, and she keeps reluctantly singing some of her words, then when all the make up is 100% she starts to grow a large penis and balls. + foot expansion

    21."Self-suck" Asian or Indian woman: foot expanion/futa tf/lip expansion

    a foot growth sequence featuring an Asian or Indian woman and (with a good view of it) her clit grows/ turns into a penis. Her lips also grow thicker as well (not to a silly degree but definitely juicy and dicksucking) maybe it's possible to make it look like she sucking her own new dick and comes all over her face?

    22. "Out for an abnormal walk" walking Asian or Indian woman: feet expansion/shoe burst/butt-thigh-hip expansion/ futa tf

    like two or three pages of a short sequences of an Asian or Indian girl(or more than one girl together as long as it includes one Asian or Indian) wearing jeans/yoga pants/ or Jeggings having her feet thighs and butt expand, and then grows a dick(in her pants doesn't have to pop out) and then (even though it's already big and obvious though flacid) she gets an erection and cums in her pants.

    23. "Sleepless Night" Asian or Indian woman on bed: futa tf/ cumming all over the place/feet expansion

    An Asian or Indian woman in bed can't seem to get to sleep, she pulls away the cover and notices her feet are growing larger, she also is growing a big penis, she starts writhing in her own jizz as her cum soaks the sheets (I actually want the bed to look like it's wet and a little creamy from the cum).

    24. "Full moon foota" Asian woman: werewolf tf/hair growth/futa tf/slight foot expansion

    full moon is out Asian girl turns into werewolf, her arms legs, back, chest, and cheeks get hairy, her eye color turns yellow, her teeth have fangs, she grows a tail, has claws on her fingers and hairy feet, her feet also grow a bit bigger, and she grows a cock.

    25. "This power is too much!" Asian woman: muscle growth/penis nipple growth/futa tf/foot expansion

    Asian woman gets taller and grows more muscles (not too big, have the muscles well defined but not loosing her feminine form) her feet grow, she then grows a dick, and then her nipples also turn into penises.

    26. "The fertility curse" Asian: Pregnacy belly expansion/futa tf/foot expansion/breast expansion/hip expansion

    An Asian or indian woman had stolen a pretty piece of jewelry from a creepy pawnshop called "the fertility (ring, necklace, whatever)" however she did not expect there to be a price to come with it. Her feet start expanding, her belly and breasts starts to swell, her hips get wider and she is growing a big set of cock and balls. Possessed by the curse, she now wants to share this fertility with other women.

    27. "to Vampire to Noseferatu" Two Asian women or just one Asian woman: vampire tf/lip expansion -then- nosferatu tf/nose expansion/foot expansion/futa tf

    Two asian women find out that they are going to turn into vampires in just a couple of seconds, first their skin turns pale, their lips turn blackish, their eye color turns red, the lips become more big and sexy and of course they grow vampire fangs. They then start to comfort eachother that it's not that bad, at least they'll objectively still beautiful. But then they start transforming again, their nose starts to get bigger their skin turns completely colorless, their fingers stretch and grow claws, and there feet grow bigger to top it all off they grew a dick and balls.

    Feel free to also comment about what sequences sound the most enticing to you. (One day, when I have enough privacy I will try to make some of these myself).
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    Default Re: Transformation sequence(or comic) art, I'm willing to pay for!

    Mod Note: Thread moved to Palace Graphics as this is a thread that is requesting graphics be produced from the members.

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    Default Re: Transformation sequence(or comic) art, I'm willing to pay for!

    Anything strike anybody's interest to draw?

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