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Thread: New sig and a few questions.

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    Default New sig and a few questions.

    So, now that I'm a bit more active on the IRC, I figure I'd better start getting more active on the forum too; time to make a sig. Since my Gimp/Photoshop skills are limited to manipulation, I'm trying to keep it simple. Below is the current version of the sig.

    Decided to scale it down a bit.

    Other than critique, I would like to know if it would be possible to make the bottom two nameplates link to profiles. Perhaps if I made them separate images and just aligned everything in the signature editor here on FP?
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    Default Re: New sig and a few questions.

    My sig has tons of links. It should be fairly easy to add links to images. But if you're wanting to have two links, you should separate the image. It shouldn't be difficult since they are just two bar images.

    There's away to make a "single image" have multiple links, but that is done in HTML and I don't think is handled in BBcode. Also, technically, your browser will handle them as two separate images. Having multiple links in a "single picture" is merely an illusion.

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