Hey, I'm mostly new to reading Japanese Light Novels, actually the only I've read so far are:

The Gundam (0079) novelization trilogy - great twist on classic hard to say why without spoilers - Gee I wish they'd localize/make more UC anime
The first 4 or 5 Vampire Hunter D Novels - Seamless blend of fantasy, horror, sci-fi, western, and samurai themes with a narrator who seems gay for the hero- Gee I wish they'd make a third movie
Working on my 3rd Haruhai Suzumiya novel - Got the first 8 from Amazon - pretty much the same as the show in good way- Gee I wish they'd make a third season
Expecting to get the first Spice and Wolf novel for x-mas (along with several other misc books) - Gee I wish they'd... oh you get the idea.

Anyways, I was wondering what Light novels you guys have read and would like to recommend to me and anyone else looking at this topic. Or as the case may be warn the rest of us to stay the fuck away from lol. After all, I know that we all like telling people about the things we like and trying to get them to try them. That and word of mouth to support these things to encourage companies to keep on localizing them.