If you follow the blogs, you might have seen me prattling on about the game project that TrekkieGal and I have been working on call HanaFudaFuta – Redemption of the Crimson Empress (ROCE for short).
It has turned out to be a bit more graphics intensive than I thought and I am hoping that there might be some people out there interested in proving some renders.
TrekkieGal has done 9 of the 20 major character models so far, so there are 11 characters up for grabs with maybe 4 – 20 renders per character.
The game is an alternate reality fantasy setting (except for a small scene in Jake’s auto parts). It is in the format of a visual novel with a minigame (cardgame within the game) that controls the advance of the story.
It is a kind of a magical intrigue and betrayal story with meddling immortals, invasion plans and a touch of mind control set in the court of an elven empress.
The game plot and scenes contain futa/f, futa/futa, m/f (actually a futa magically disguised), tentacles, furry, a friendly succubus, cum and minor cumflation. It has minimal violence, lots of sex, and hopefully a sense of fun.
The scoped out scenes are not fixed and there is certainly the opportunity for you to put your own stamp on the characters and the game.
Please post or PM if you are interested and would like more details.
Game thread is here:
The first section is playable but most of the images are place holders.