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Thread: Searching for a similar anime

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    Default Searching for a similar anime

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    Default Re: Searching for a similar anime

    Sci-Fi is a pretty damn broad genre.

    If you think about Sci-Fi as in mecha/future style then I'd recommend the Gundam series mostly.

    If you mean Sci-Fi as in anything non-natural, I highly recommend you check out Shounen Series like Bleach, Naruto and (best of all in my opinion) One Piece.
    Or you can try Fairy Tail which is also extremely awesome and hillarious.

    If they're too long, try something along the lines of Fullmetal Alchemist or Code Geass. If they too are too long, you can try for example Saikano (mu fav anime of all time) Mai HiME (sevrely good and particularily awesome) or Mai-HiME's successor Mai-Otome.

    Hope it helps.

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    is Gott Mit Uns is a really good
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    Default Re: Searching for a similar anime

    This is what the big dogs watch.
    NVM I posted devilman, but some weaboo poser n00b had poser music in the backgoround and killed it all.
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