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Thread: My sig and avatar?

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    Default My sig and avatar?

    As this is the graphics section, I wanted some critique on my present signiture and avatar. Have they been made unique or recognisable enough or do you think some things should be added or edited...?

    My avatar's lady is by mond(pixiv50147) and my sigs lady is by upside down~ Credit to their awesome work~

    And a forewarning, before we chat~ If you ever wish to RP with me, I'll ask two questions of you. How old are you and do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? The first is I don't RP with young ones, those below eighteen, my optimal age twenty plus. And the second, I refuse to be the cause to a strained relationship between two. I'm alright with open relationships, to a degree, but I am not a party to cheating. These are my principles and despite my want sometimes to have none, that is what I define myself by. I hope you understand. ^^ Click 'ere to see if serving as a slave is your kinda thing~ Jobs there and every

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    Default Re: My sig and avatar?

    I like boobs.

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    Default Re: My sig and avatar?

    Quote Originally Posted by Atomic Punch View Post
    I like boobs.

    Siggy by Minizila :3 ~

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