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Thread: Last Exile Limited Edition

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    Default Last Exile Limited Edition

    So around this time last year, I got netflix and accidentally stumbled upon the "anime" section and was like "Lawl anime sux, FTL, but Imma watch one for teh lulz" And I just so happened to click on one about sky pilots or something or other in the description. So I watched in and in the first five miuntes, was like "whoa..." then after the first episode, I was like "so... anime isn't so stupid after all..." and with that, that was my "gateway drug" to anime, following up with Blood+, Clannad, Cowboy Bebop, etc. Last Exile, being my favorite and first, I HAD to own the series and went and bought the second most expensive one I'd seen, was also the limited edition set (only 80$, the next up was 400$), so I bought it with no delay, and today, I bring you photos of the box set that I hold so dear.

    I really love the artists style of Steampunk design, fantastic for the ship and flight suits, to name a few. I think my best period in history was the art deco subject, wrote the best paper to haha, so, hope you enjoy!

    P.S. Dio (white hair boy with the gold eyeliner) is a trap, and I totally fell for it.
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    Really though, who the hell goes outta their way to draw some morbidly obese grizzly bear man fucking a 10/10 girl in hentai??
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