I hope I'm not breaking any rules. I looked for a section I could make this request in and this seemed like the right one.

I'm looking for a specific pic I had up as my wallpaper. The PC died and consequently I lost the pic. It'd have been smart of me to have thought to put it on my external hard drive. Sadly, I don't recall where I found it.

But I bet someone here has seen it and could help me out. So let me describe it.

It was of a pretty girl with blue skin. Not animated though it might have been some high quality CG. The entire pic was mostly blue. Think ice queen or such. Icy and cold looking. In her hand she held a huge diamond which was covered in blue goo which dribbled down her forearm like some alien blood. There was also a faint caption I didn't notice at first that read something like "I think I must be dead." Anyway, this pic was my favorite and I miss having it as my wallpaper. Should anyone here know of the pic and direct me to it I shall consider you to be the greatest person on planet earth and a person of high quality.