Hello, Futanari Palace. It's me, Echoen. It's time we had a talk about Futanari Palace and our plans for a new website.


First, a history of Futanari Palace

Futanari Palace was created in 2005 by the beloved Shenandoah, who poured her time, sweat, tens of thousands of dollars, and buckets of Futanari spooge into this vBulletin web forum. With the help of talented technical staff and a diligent Japanese coder named Nar, Futanari Palace was built on vBulletin using PHP (Hypertext Preproccessor).

In 2012, Shenandoah stepped down and nearly deleted Futanari Palace due to the money sink that it had become for her, even with the incredible donations from many of the most dedicated users. I volunteered to take it over and in early 2013, I transitioned Futanari Palace into a community-funded model, funded through Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/FutanariPalace). Nar also stepped down, to focus on attaining his PhD.

However, this means that the last time FP's code base had a major update was in 2012. Unfortunately, because FP was built off PHP with a ton of custom scripts, it is known as "PHP Spaghetti Code" and FP's remaining technical staff has been unable to adjust, modify, or fix any of the code without completely breaking the site.

In 2017, I brought on several new technical team members to help stabilize Futanari Palace and work on updating FP and fixing issues as they arose. In these three years, FP's PHP codebase has proven even more unstable and not conducive to restoration or repair. We did manage to migrate the forum and website to a new and much more stable database, though that was an expensive process with increased fees that donations were less and less able to cover. For the past year, I have been paying out of my own pocket to ensure FP is able to continue to serve the 1000-1500 daily users that use this webforum.


The time has come to officially build a new website/webforum. One that will not randomly break and shut down. One that will provide new tools and new features to the amazing content creators and Futanari enthusiasts that have been here for years and decades. One that will prevent outages like the one we experienced a few days ago and will make it far easier to create new ways for the community to create and share the Futanari content that you're all here for.

Building a new website is expensive, time-consuming, and a lot of hard work. We need the support of the community to make this happen and ensure the good content here on Futanari Palace does not get lost. This is where you come in.

1) Donate to https://www.patreon.com/FutanariPalace
2) Save to your personal computer any stories, pictures, animations, or roleplaying threads that you would want to see on the new site.
3) If you have coding experience, web design skills, or digital project management knowledge that will help us make good decisions for a new site, and you want to volunteer, let the admin team know.
4) Talk to fellow Futanari Palace users. You are this website. You are this community. Your kindness, your passion, your proud pursuit of Futanari content and lifestyles, makes this place more than any PHP spaghetti code ever could.

and finally

5) Prepare yourself for positive change. When we create a new website (or figure out how to update/migrate the forum), the Futanari Palace of the past 15 years will change and we will all need each other to work through the differences.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you wonderful community members.

Hopeful for the future,